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September 13, 2004



I love the section in Wind up Bird Chronicles where Toru has to use the computer in the house. It’s such a surprise to see the computer there, and the way Murakami deals with turns it into a completely alien thing. It’s like having someone explain email to you who has never used a computer, or like the computers in Alien that still have green screens.

I’m really interested in checking out mgs2 now too – I keep spotting it in the bargain bins a my localgame spot – have to chek it out now


Oh, please do check out MGS2. It's probably my favorite game of all time. I'm dismayed that none of the other "Metal Gears" have come out for the XBox - this may be the reason I diversify my platform portfolio in the near future.

A bit of "Snake & Me" trivia: I originally intended for this weblog to be far more video-game based than it has turned out to be. The "Snake" in the title is Solid Snake from the Metal Gear series of video games.


I, too, like Murakami! And video games!
Are you all moved in to your new place?
Do you want to tell me all about it?
Well, I will be home for a week and some change soon, so you can. Email me or call me and let me know what your schedules are like. We will drink bourbon!


I'm not sure where the Gamespot writer got the idea that "Murakami is a traditional pen and paper writer" and "works at his kitchen table." Maybe long ago, but now Murakami writes on a computer, in a study. He goes into his practice in the introduction to the collection Birthday Stories.


Haruki Murakami is my favorite living writer. I'm glad to read his quote likening his writing process to being a game designer and a game player at the same time - that is exactly how I feel when I write. I can feel it in his novels too - alot of the time, you get the sense that he's along for the ride as much as the reader is.

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